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GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite Seals & Gaskets !!!!

GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite - We handle all types. Including: Sheet, Ribbon, Braided and Ribbon Pack, Die Formed Rings and Gaskets. At one time it was only used in high temp and chemical applications, but because it's cost has come down this long lasting material is being used in a wider range of applications, giving pumps and valves longer life due to reduced leakage.

Flexible Graphite die formed rings  & ribbon pack

Ribbon Pack is used for Valves in the field, or to make die formed packing sets is one of GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite's most common uses. Used in Refineries, Power Plants, Co-Generation Facilities or anyone dealing with high temp applications. We can deliver it to you in any dimension you choose
Flexible Graphite Sheet

Flexible graphite, due to it's softness seals great but can also break if bent too far. To make it easier to handle we offer it with a 316 S.S. foil insert, tanged insert, or for easier cutting - no insert at all. Available in a range of grades from automotive & Industrial to Nuclear.
Die formed flexible graphite set

Die formed sets for valves in applications that require the lowest of leak rates. Now a standard in the valve industry because of it's effectiveness, Carbon yarn end rings with die formed flexible graphite center rings

Braided Grafoil

Braided Flexible Graphite   Temp: 1200 F Steam,  0-14 pH

A high temperature packing good for most applications. Now available in this braided version that eliminates the need for dies. Great for high temp or chemical applications (non-oxidizing) that can not leak. When you have to have the leak rate near that of a Mechanical Seal in a pump this is the packing to use.

GRAFOIL® is a registered trademark of Neograph

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